The Next Wave

It has been a long week of preparing for the Triduum. In normal times, the staff and volunteers are knowledgeable and dedicated, plans were made well in advance; the Triduum happens with good work and not a lot of “who-what-when-where.” In normal times. These are anything but. This year was learning to live stream, work on audio enhancements, lightning, and so much more – all of which was new to us. Live streaming means that you also have to work out new means and pathways of communication and connection with the parishioners. Social networking was already part of our tool-kit, thinking through how to use all the channels in the best way possible for this occasion… we figured it out. Took on some new endeavors… all the while the staff is working in remote and volunteers are prudently staying at home. Lots going on, fewer people – at least fewer to do it the way we have done it in the past.

But, its 1:30 pm on Saturday. All is in place for the Vigil and Easter Sunday. Time to take a breather. That is when I read this article about the next wave in “panic” buying in the times of Covid-19. It was interesting, have me a chuckle, and I thought worth sharing.  Makes you wonder what will be the wave that follows.


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