jesus-and-child“You is kind. You is smart.  You is important.” Such are the words from the African American maid Aibileen to the white child Mae Mobley Leefolt in Kathryn Stockett’s best seller, The Help. Possessed of plain looks and seemingly slow ways, little Mae Mobley, was such a disappointment to her socially upward mother, Elizabeth.  But each and every day, Aibileen spoke those words of encouragement to Mae Mobley. “You is kind. You is smart.  You is important.”  When Mae Mobley is old enough to speak, it becomes a triple affirmation she repeats and begins to grow into.

Maybe when it comes to living as children of God, we need to be reminded of who we are. And so our Scriptures offer us words of affirmation: “You are filled with the Holy Spirit.   You are loved”   “You are my friendsContinue reading