Pope Francis – reforming from the inside out

As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, there was a clear motif of collaborative ministry with his episcopal peers. It seems that way of ministering is continuing with his episcopal peers from the continents across the globe. Pope Francis continues to be a source of hope. How that hope takes shape, we will see – but for the moment all the signs seem to point us towards Hope

From John Allen: Pope taps eight cardinals to lead reform | National Catholic Reporter.

2 thoughts on “Pope Francis – reforming from the inside out

  1. I would agree that “complex reformer” would apply, but I suspect that time will tell as regards narrow, wide or in between. It does seem to me that if that stance from which “reform” is judged is the North American view, then from that narrow stance, one will see a narrow reform. We are what? less than 5% of the world wide church? And we have our own concerns and focus – things to which we need attend. For the moment we all have our hopes. But then we are always called to be a hopeful people!
    As a sidebar (and not connected to your comment) But I can not tell you how many times I have had North American friends – when told that the Church of East Africa might have a different take on a topic – close out the conversation with the words that convey, “Well… when they are a little more sophisticated, they will ‘get it.'” It is as St. Bonaventure wrote: humility is the gateway and the guardian of all the other virtues.

  2. Pope Francis is turning out to be a rather complex reformer, first appointing reformers to a committee on the Curia and then reaffirming the last pope’s rebuke of the American nuns’ group. In http://deligentia.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/pope-francis-a-reformer/, I argue that the pope is a reformer (and outsider) only in a narrow sense. That the traditionalists have borrowed the term “reformer” makes the matter more complex though stil explainable.

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