Who will be saved?

pentecost-ruahIt is a gathering unlike any other. Isaiah describes it as people coming from all corners of the world – every make and model, color and variety.  Citizens of every nation from east and west, north and south.  All streaming to Jerusalem, to God’s holy mountain bring their offerings of worship. All invited by God, all coming to the Lord God, all of them seeing the glory of God.

Someone in the gospels asks question: “Lord, will only a few people be saved?”  I wonder if the questioner’s understanding of salvation – even the offer of salvation – is very different from the prophet Isaiah’s.  Maybe the questioner is worried about the state of the world and can only see a few faithful people.  Maybe he or she is worried about family members gone astray.  Maybe the question is, as most scholars seem to believe, an inquiry whether only a few people “like me” will be saved. Continue reading