Fountain fullness of love

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, our parish namesake. We celebrate what St. Bonaventure identified as the source of the fountain fullness of love poured into our hearts. Our hearts, in Latin the word is “cor” from which is derived the English word, “core” as in the core, the center of being, the center of prayer and hope, the center of our moral compass, and center of the stories that matter to us.

And today we also celebrate Father’s Day and honor the men in our lives whose presence shaped and formed us, passing on the Faith, passing on a moral compass, and letting us know where we stand in the world. All done through their experiences and passed on to us in wisdom and stories. I think we can all tell stories and recount sayings from our fathers. One of my favorite expressions from my father was “the main thing is making sure the main thing remains the main thing.” As I said, we all have our own stories. Continue reading