This isn’t Kansas

ugaliI have been thinking about moments of my first weeks in Kanya. In many ways it was an ongoing torrent of new and different. Some of the moments were “what was that?” Some were well outside my experience and were simply part of learning to enjoy another culture. Part learning that you and Toto are not in Kansas anymore.

Many people ask about the food. In most of the country, the national meal was ugali na sukumawiki. Ugali is a maize/corn meal boiled in water until it has dough like consistency. The traditional method of eating ugali is to gather a lump with your right hand (always the right hand; the left hand has other traditional uses). You roll/squeeze the lump into a ball and use the thumb to make an indent to serve as a spoon/scoop. Then you are ready to dip/scoop from a sauce or stew (Sundays) and a plate of sukumawiki.

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