Catching Fire…

memorial-day-shadow-soldierIt is Memorial Day Weekend – a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Please take time to remember in prayer and thanksgiving those who paid the ultimate price in defense of our country.  And remember, too, their friends and families who still grieve their loss – from our World War II veterans to our veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Memorial Day weekend is also the time when Hollywood begins to release their summer blockbusters.  Of course, some studios are releasing them earlier every year.  One of the movies coming our way is “Catching Fire,” the second of the Hunger Games trilogy authored by Suzanne Collins.  The tag line for the movie is that “every revolution begins with a spark.”

I am writing this on the afternoon of Pentecost when “catching fire” seems like an appropriate message.  It has set me to thinking about what are the sparks of faith that could start a revolution in the life of an individual parishioner, a ministry group, or an entire parish.  Maybe you can help address my musings by participating in the spiritual assessment survey.

Last summer we offered a special six-week course on covenant theology that not only sparked a lot of interest, but several people took the time to write and say how it had so changed their understanding and appreciation of God’s love for them.  This summer we are offering a six-week course on Early Church History (described in the next column).

But there are other kinds of “sparks” out there that might be wafting in the air seeking the right people to “ignite.”  Maybe it is a women’s or men’s prayer group; maybe it is a justice and peace group or a group dedicated to working for a solution to homelessness.  It could be a “Catholics Come Home” program or a series of retreats, outside speakers, and a whole host of things not yet even on our radar.

Take the survey, send an email, write a note – let your voice be heard and let your spark ignite a revolution of faith!