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Note: the series on St. Francis is something that was being done for the parish bulletin.  It has been a while since posting an article there on here on friarmusings. So perhaps we should summarize a bit before pressing on. 

Some of the early key events in Francis’ life occurred between 1202 and 1209.  Before this period he was a bit of a prodigal son freely spending family money on entertainment and fun.  His military adventures in 1202 lead to a profound crisis in his life that in time lead him to become the person and saint we know best in story and legend.  It is in the year 1209 that history records Francis founding the religious movement that came to bear his own name:  the Franciscans.  If you would like to read theseries in detail, you can find the 29 previous installments at http://bit.ly/KtpqCF. Continue reading