Starring roles

When asked “What was the first movie that Kevin Costner appeared in?” The average fan of things “celluloid” often responds “No Way Out.” Certainly that was a movie that brought him into the limelight, established his leading man status, and led to his career in many other memorable films. The actual answer is theĀ 1982 Ron Howard film “Night Shift.” He is listed in the credits as ‘Frat Boy No. 1’ and appears at the climax of a frat-style, over-the-top party playing out in a New York City morgue. When the music is suddenly stopped by a frantic Henry Winkler, Costner can be seen holding a beer and looking surprised at the sudden halt of celebration. He has no speaking role, but he appears. (and one might argue “Sizzle Beach, USA” is the real answers, but it was released in 1986 and thus Costner did not “appear” until then) Continue reading