It’s not all about you

its-not-all-about-youWe say that. We think that. About others and not often charitably. Even about ourselves as a reminder and call to be good. It is the mark of Christ that a person can live with the focus on others, making it all about them because the love of God compels us.

But today is Good Friday. It is all about me, you, all of us. Today is about a people who are fallen, broken, sometimes  lost, cannot save themselves, and are not sure about the way home. It is about a people who were loved into existence, love in their being, and who are doggedly pursued in love. Even if it means that the Word of God will become flesh and “pitch his tent among us.

A loving God who pitched his tent among his friends, the ones thought-to-be friends, the sick, the outcast, the sinners, the betrayers, the accusers, those whose only intent is to take his life. There in the camp are a mixed cast of characters: us. The ones in whose hearts, in ways large and small, are:

  • the one who sold out on the cheap for 30 pieces of silver
  • the ones who are just carrying out orders, hardened beyond caring
  • the one who hastily draws a sword and the innocent bystander who suffers the sword’s sting
  • the one who was supposed to be the rock, but crumbles in the face of a simple question
  • the one who roam the halls of power holding up the “necessary” and what preserves their power
  • the one who joins the others in shouting out for blood sport
  • the one who washes his hands thinking he can self-absolve
  • the one whose contribution is mockery, cruelty, and a cold heart
  • the ones helpless and sorrowing
  • the ones who watch and wait
  • the one who still Hope

And yet we cannot make the day “Good”; we cannot make the week “Holy.”  Yet all of the things are done for you. Today, you are the focus. That you might believe and be saved, taking the sure way home.

It is so all about you.



2 thoughts on “It’s not all about you

  1. I agree with the other poster — a beautiful reflection. May we never forget what has transpired today . . . our Savior has died for us! Yet, he will rise again to overcome Death, and we, too, are given this promise. In a humble prayer of thanksgiving, I so am grateful to him for my life! Thank you as well for your ability to share with us your insight.

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