Good things and best things

snickersA few Super Bowls past, Snickers candy bars began a clever ad campaign. One ad showed 4 people in a car driving through desert landscape. Three of the people were young men in their 20’s, but the fourth was a high maintenance complaining passenger (played by Aretha Franklin) who was moaning about everything – “Can you turn up the AC? I’m dying back here.” When a passenger in the front tells them that the AC is on high, “Can’t you feel it?” He is rewarded with a smack on the back of the head, “Can you feel that?” The backseat companion encourages the complainer to eat a snickers because “When you’re hungry you turn into a diva.” After eating a Snickers candy bar provided by the concerned friend, the diva is transformed back into themselves and indicates that they are “better” …. But still their old selves, just one not complaining at the moment. Continue reading