Do you love me?

Jesus-Apostles-vine-branch2The days of tribulation are upon us! Soon we will see those signs in the heavens. The sun will be darkened the moon will not give its light, stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of heaven will be shaken!! So, get your life in order! Say your prayers! Get right with God! And get on your knees because Jesus is coming!!

Well…I don’t know if the world is about to end, but getting your life in order, getting on your knees and saying your prayers, and getting right with God ….those are always and everywhere good things to do. If you are already doing these things, keep doing them. But if you are not doing these things, now is a good time to start.

But if you are like most people, you’re doing some of these things some of the time, but there are times when days go by and prayer has eluded you, you got too busy, and suddenly you pause and remark to yourself “where did the time go?” Then “boom” your world ends and you find yourself at the gates of heaven (hopefully), face-to-face with God – who looks a little sad, a little disappointed, and says, “ You didn’t call. You didn’t write. You never sent flowers.” Ouch. We know that it wasn’t about the call. It wasn’t about the letter. It wasn’t about the flowers. The question is, did you really love me?

That is not the question that you want to hear at the pearly gates. If we have to hear the question let it be when we can do something about it. At least then we can be like the apostle Peter on the shore of Lake Galilee when Jesus asked him, “Peter, do you love me?” Three times. Each time he replied Lord you know that I love you. Then Peter gets told, “Feed my sheep.” It is Jesus’ way of telling Peter, get your life in order so that you can get right with God.

It was Peter’s job to feed the sheep. A big job to be sure, but one that needed his talent, time, treasures, perseverance, commitment, and above all his intentionality that he was doing it all for the greater glory of God; for the love of God.

Love is not something foreign to our lives. We all know what it is like to love, to be in love, and to be in an enduring relationship. We know it imperfectly, but we know. We know that there are days it is all so easy. There are days it is wondrous. There are days when you say, “You have got to be kidding?” Those less-than-perfect days are the days you need to bring to bear your talent, your treasures, perseverance, commitment, and above all your intentionality to love.

And so you commit, you roll up your sleeves, and take the first step. You are like the apostle Peter. You start over. You begin again. And you take your first steps into a marvelous life because you are committed to love. It matters not one whit whether the world will end today, tomorrow, next week or not in your lifetime. That is not why you love.

You love because we know it is the pathway to wholeness, completeness, and the fullness of life. It is in love that we truly get our life in order and we get right With God.

“Peter, Mary, Joe, Alice….do you love me?” Every one of us will hear the question. But it’s our choice. Will it be on the shores of our own Lake Galilee or will we wait until the sun is darkened, the moon gives no light, and stars fall from the sky. I say, let us address question today. Let today be as though we are on the shores of own Lake Galilee.

Every one of us here possesses God-given talent and treasure. Each one of us has the time given us. Over the last several weeks we asked you to consider that talent, treasure, and time. We have asked you to discern what God is calling you to. We have asked you to be intentional. Today we ask for your commitment. Maybe that commitment is to continue in your current ministry. Maybe it is to participate in a new ministry. Perhaps your commitment will be outside Sacred Heart in a charitable organization or in another volunteer opportunity. Maybe it is a commitment to renew a friendship that has waned, to clean your room without being asked, or to …. Or to do just about anything that is done with intention because of the love of God.

And today, we want to celebrate and honor your commitment and give glory to God. We want to bless you as you roll up your sleeves and take another first step.

Not because the world is ending, but because this is who we are. We are people who are loved by God from the beginning of time through all eternity. We are the people, each in our own way, who call, write, and send flowers. “Do you love me?” Yes we do. This is our commitment. It is who we are and who we will fully be in the warm, loving embrace of God. That is his commitment.


2 thoughts on “Do you love me?

  1. I absolutely loved the Commitment Masses this past weekend. It made me feel that we are all as one, somehow, though we were all committing to different ministries, organizations and passions.. Seeing each person walk up to commit and receive a Blessing was very moving for me, and my blessing by Father Dan was the best! Thank you to our beloved Friars for making this process a beautiful thing.

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