jesus-zacchaeusSome time you just have an itch you can’t scratch. It happens. We have gone along in life and accomplished some goals and objectives. Maybe we are the “chief” of this or that, and like Zacchaeus are wealthy. But there is something missing, something slightly off – we thought it would different after we accomplished goals. It is the thought we just can’t put our finger on. It is the itch we can’t scratch.

I suspect that is where Zacchaeus is in life. He is chief tax collector, a wealthy man – and clearly scorned by the people. Which makes sense. A tax collector had to buy the position from the Romans – so you have your investment to recover. The Romans then expect the year taxes to be collected and paid. And you course you need to make a living and some profit for a rainy day. How much profit? The Romans didn’t care. All we know is that Zacchaeus is a wealthy man, but as become so at the cost of his relationships, his people, friends, and his heritage of faith. Continue reading

And what ever you do…

in-jesus-nameIn writing these columns over the last several years, it seems to me that several themes are recurring, namely: belonging and gratitude. I think we assume people who are faithful then display a sense of belonging and gratefulness, but it is actually a bit the other way around. People who find an abiding sense of belonging to a worshipping community become people of faith. Similarly, people who intentionally practice gratitude, become more faithful. Continue reading