About healing

Jesus-healing” Bless me Father, for I have sinned….” So often people confess anger as a sin which plagues them. But often their description leaves me wondering. “You mentioned anger, but it sounded more like exasperation.” The person agrees and in the discussion mentions that they said nothing to the other person, we’re not uncharitable to them, and it did not affect their relationship. I offer that perhaps that moment is one of the most Christian of moments. They faced a choice: do what their inner emotion would have them – perhaps say a harsh word, sever the relationship, etc. – or choose what God asks and act in charity. But…

I am always attentive to people who confess moments of anger. As Jesus speaks about during the Sermon on the Mount, anger is something that is corrosive and unchecked leads to the fires of Gehenna. Rather, Jesus says to reconcile, to leave your gifts at the altar if needed. So, people come to confession and we talk about the particulars. Maybe it’s time to have that discussion with the one who exasperates you. Maybe it’s time to speak the words that are true, necessary, and helpful. It is always time to be reconciled. But…

You do those things and you find yourself back in Confession. You discover you are stuck in a seemingly endless loop: sin, Confession, penance, reconciliation, peace, sin, Confession…..and so it goes. There are moments when confession is only the short-term fix, but the long-term solution lies in healing. Healing something deep within you that is the place where the energy of anger, exasperation, and all its cousins collect and gather…. Until it pops to the surface. Perhaps the place to begin is to pray for spiritual insight and wisdom. Ask God to show you the place that needs healing and the path to wholeness and holiness.

Forgiveness and healing are the grace of God. Ask for them.

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