A Forward to Holy Week

holyweekAs you might imagine, Holy Week is a busy time in a large, dynamic parish. This year is no different. I had always wanted to write a more detailed study of the Passion narrative for publication. Maybe next year? In the meantime, I will repost some items from 2013 (also from the Gospel of Luke) that will provide some view of the three days from the “Last Supper” to the Resurrection. A note of caution and apology is in order. As I noted three years ago

“When I began to compile I made no attempt to be careful about sourcing, copying entire passages, footnoting, or the even the modicum of appropriate credit – and so there is likely a lot of content that is not my own. My apologies to all in advance.”

“Over the years I have compiled notes, documents, and items of interest about Scripture. Mostly for my own use and in teaching Bible studies in Catholic parishes.  The idea was possible to make something that is approachable, more than “Bible 101” yet not too overwhelming, yet with notes for people who want more – and hopefully even if a person feels “stretched” by the content, it is not too much.  I have come to realize I have developed a little library – and so I thought I would share some. “


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