What kind of King?

christthekingiconKings are an interesting concept. When someone tries to impose their will upon us, one of our tried-and-true responses is, “Who died and made you king?” Maybe our American spirit has a bias against unbridled power in the hands of the one. Yet there is something within in us that wants a king when we want a king – you know – the times we feel uncertain, times are turbulent, and we are just a tad frightened.

In Bible Study, we just finished a section on the Kings of Judah and Israel.  The people were uncertain, a bit frightened, and times were turbulent.  At a pivotal point in the Old Testament, the people come to the prophet Samuel and demand that he ask God to send them a king so that they could be, not the people of God, but that they could be like the people in the nations around them. It seemed to the Israelites that those people were secure, safe and prosperous. Samuel understood the implications: the people thought that the Lord God wasn’t doing such a good job – else why would their lives be other than safe and sound? Right? The people wanted a different king. Continue reading