The Importance of Celebrating

The last time this happened was 2006. We had to know it would roll around again. We could have seen it coming, given it some thought, been better prepared. After all this is Advent, a time when we are encouraged to stay alert! Still, it is almost here. And the inevitable questions will be coming.

It was 2006 when the fourth Sunday of Advent fell on December 24. And yes, that means Christmas Day falls on a Monday. I can already hear the wheels turning in some folk’s brain…maybe this means we can get a Christmas two-fer! I’m waiting for an email from one of the faithful asking about the possibilities of attending one Mass and “getting credit” for two. They’ll ask if they attended a Mass on Sunday the 24, say the 4 pm Christmas Eve Mass, since it was technically still Sunday, and we have a Sunday evening Mass normally at 5:30 pm, couldn’t that count as a fulfilling the obligation for both the fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas? Answer: no. Does the Church really expect people to come to Mass two days in a row? Answer: yes. Aren’t fourth Advent and Christmas really celebrating the same thing? Answer: no. Continue reading