How did you meet?

We celebrate lots of weddings here at Sacred Heart. It is a young vibrant parish with young professionals forming about 1/4 of the households. Add to that a beautiful church and you will have lots of weddings!

I help prepare a good number of couples for marriage and one of the things I look forward to hearing is “How did you meet?”  The stories are varied and many – and all interesting. Some knew each other from college or work. Some were introduced by friends. A couple of classic blind dates are in the mix, too.  And of course, in a nod to modern, busy and complicated lives, a good many met via social media. Continue reading

Your Lenten Plan

I hope you were able to celebrate Ash Wednesday this year. If you blinked, it has already passed us by; it is quickly receding in the Lenten “rear view mirror.” If you blink again, it will be Holy Week and the “best of intentions” will have to wait for another year. So… what is your plan for Lent? And I ask about “your plan” because each of us are called to be intentional in our life of prayer and to create a place and space in our life to be in relationship with God. This is especially true in the Season of Lent. Now that Ash Wednesday has passed, what is your Lenten plan to make room in your life to be filled with God’s grace? How about a Lenten checklist to help you get started? Continue reading