Perhaps you’ve heard one of Jesus’ well-known teachings about trusting in God’s generosity: “Look at the ravens, they don’t sow seed… or have barns, yet God feeds them. How much more valuable you are to God than birds”! Some people hear these words and feel comfort in God’s love. Others think immediately of the dead bird they saw the other day on the side of the road and wonder how that fits into Jesus’ picture of divine generosity!

Jesus was obviously aware of the suffering and death that pervades our world (he was unjustly arrested and crucified). Yet he was able to maintain a mindset that saw the world packed with abundance by a generous creator God. How did he cultivate this belief when his world and his own life were marred by signs of scarcity and suffering? Jesus lived with a deep sense of God’s mercy and generosity, and this conviction was rooted in the storyline of the Hebrew Scriptures. In our video on Generosity in the Bible, we explore the biblical story and see how it invites us to view the world the way Jesus does—as an expression of God’s generous and creative love. In the person of Jesus, God gives the ultimate gift to a world that lives with a scarcity mindset, so that we can get a glimpse of the eternal and infinite abundance God has in store.

The text and the video are from The Bible Project.  Check them out and support their ministry.


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