Being Great

I wonder if St. Matthew had been a person of our age he might have written: “Then the helicopter mom of the sons of Zebedee approached Jesus with her sons.” It is great that Mrs. Zebedee wants the best for her sons. Clearly, Jesus goes on to speak to the sons and basically asks them – are you prepared for what’s coming? But who do you think had a key role in preparing them as the sons answered, “Yes we are”? Mrs. Zebedee. Helicoptering aside, with the grace of God we know that the sons of Zebedee were men of faith and perseverance. They must have had a great mom.

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Jonah: on the beach

The American poet and Presbyterian minister, Thomas John Carlisle, wrote a short collection of poems in a volume, “You, Jonah” – a poetic commentary on each chapter of the Book of Jonah. Here is one of his poems, rather summarizing the book to this point:

“I know a better way to circumvent your silly streak of mixing love with righteous judgment,
All I need to do is take the next flight west beyond Your jurisdiction.
This will give you time for sober, second thoughts to swear off this kick of simpleminded kindness. Inside the monster I was as low as I could get when I remembered God,
odd, that my distress impressed me with His apparent absence
when his premised daily presence hadn’t meant a blessed thing.
Finding myself in that hole with my soul fainting and rolling with the swell of my swollen ego.
It was a good enough to kill me.
Instead, I saw stars in the dark and started home on a welcome water spout.”

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