What the heck – part 2

In yesterday’s post, we recounted the story of the Queen of Judah, Athaliah, and the murderous manner is which she captured the Throne of King David. She reigned for seven years and profaned the Temple with worship of other gods. Eventually her grandson Joash (or Jehoash), the only one to escape her murderous escapades, emerged from hiding and became, at age 7, the light of rebellion and restoration of right worship in the Temple. Continue reading

What the heck?

The first reading for today is from the 2nd Book of Kings. I think “what the heck….” is a good first response once you have completed your read. I wonder if I commissioned a poll in which the average person on the street heard the reading and then asked its source, given two choices, which they’d pick? My poll would offer (a) Games of Thrones and (b) The Book of Kings. I am guessing Games of Thrones would win because only the hard core fans remember the names and most people would wonder if the Book of Kings was a real thing…. I mean the names did not sound as though from the English monarchy. Continue reading