Being Church

What a difference a day makes. Wednesday, I woke up with a full day of ministry awaiting. Lots of people calling, emailing – all asking “Are we going to shut down? Will the Bishop suspend Masses? What’s going to happen now?” Today I awake wondering what I will do with all the time on my hands. Not that there aren’t a lot of things to do, but the rhythm of the day is changed. Changed dramatically. What a difference a day makes.

It made a difference for the man born blind. One day was all it took, and he had to figure out how to live in a world that was completely new to him. What a difference a day makes. The rhythms of his life dramatically altered needing to figure out what to do with the time given.

Here we are celebrating a live stream Mass as are many churches and chapels across this country and the globe. The rhythms of our life are changing. Today for sure. Tomorrow…? Who knows, it is will be a new world perhaps. Continue reading