Image of God

Happy Saturday! Again I offer up another video from the good people at

This video traces the idea of humans as co-rulers alongside God, who are commissioned to develop the world and its resources and take it into new horizons. How has this human vocation been compromised by our selfishness and evil, and how did Jesus open up a new way of being human through his life, death, and resurrection?

A Bible Bard

I have been leading Bible studies “since Jesus was rowing on the Sea of Galilee.” Not really, but it been for more than 30 years. Over the years I have written and posted lots of commentaries and have even begun to collect all the posts into groupings of the Liturgical Year (see the menu above). I will admit that the written commentaries tend to be a bit nerdy, especially when it comes to the nuances of words. But, I think when I am leading a Bible Study I default to my more natural motif… story teller – the bard of things biblical but without the musical accompaniment. If someone asks me about being a student of God’s Word and how will they know when they “know” enough, my answer is always, “when you can gossip the Gospel over the backyard fence.” People telling people the story and stories of the Bible is at the heart and soul of what it means to be the People of God. Continue reading