Not too often

This is a post that is likely only of interest to Tampa, FL folks. It is a picture from International Mall…

StarbucksNow maybe you are thinking… “What so special about a picture of a single person in line at Starbucks?”  If you look around you can see the mall decorated for Christmas.  On a normal day the line at this Starbucks is “ginormous” stretching part way to St. Petersburg, in part, responsible for the backup on the Frankland bridge. But this is in the middle of the Christmas shopping season. It normally takes longer to get a cup of coffee here than to exit the parking lot at the Dale Mabry Target/Whole Foods/Home Depot complex.

I only wish I drank coffee…. I would have gotten in line.

It is a bit of a random post, but it is not too often you get to see history in the making.