The Strange Attractor

We all have past lives and stories, experiences, and moments that mark those lives. One thing that might emerge from that milieu is a life-long curiosity about a certain topic. One such enduring curiosity for me is mathematical chaos. I keep coming back to the idea. It certainly shows up enough in posts – for example, “Your phone and chaos.” There are others. If you are curious too, use the “search box” on this blog to explore. Continue reading

Strangers and Sojourners

Have you ever been in a place where you feel as though you are out of place? Not unwelcomed in a broad sense, but a bit of an intruder. The realization can come upon you unexpectedly and you enter into a liminal space where time freezes and you quickly process what is unfolding. You are entering a party at the home of a friend and you sense these folks are not your familiars. You feel under-dressed – too casual in a room full of fashionistas. A beer-will-be-just-fine person in a room of upscale wine aficionados whose vocabulary is foreign. Surrounded by discussions of foreign films among people for whom “the MCU” has no meaning. But it was your good friend who invited you and has warmly welcomed you. Continue reading