A letter to my older brother

A week or so ago, at our Men’s Prayer Group meeting, at the very end of the meeting, I offered a spiritual exercise in the light of that weekend’s Sunday gospel – the Prodigal Son. The exercise was to write a letter to one of the characters in the parable. Here is one of the letters that was sent to me. It is an interesting Lenten reflection for all of us. My homily of that weekend was essentially my letter and reflection.There was a previous letter one of the men in the group wrote that I posted.  And here is another. If other’s share their thoughts, I will post them.

Dear Older Brother, You are right to cast doubt on my intentions.  That is the pattern of behavior that I established long ago and only time will tell if I can set a new pattern.

Everything was lost by me. Having found my way back was not easy and is not a destination, just a new path which I will continue to follow. Following you and our Father is my commitment. In that way I am certain that my path will be in a positive direction.   I do offer experiences (which I will not repeat) that may help others to steer away from bad decisions and on their own positive path. My life and labor is at your command.

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