Holy Relics and Marvel Comics

For those of you who are fans of the Marvel Comic movies – most notably the final two movies of the Avengers series (Infinity Wars and Endgame) –  you certainly know all about Thanos and the Gauntlet . If you are not a fan, no worries, here is synopsis:

  • Thanos – universal bad guy. Thinks the universe is overcrowded, half the populations of the universe has to be gone, so he collects all the Infinity Stones, mounts them in a “glove” called the gauntlet, snaps his fingers (literally) and half of the universe’s population vanishes.
  • Avengers – the good guys who only have a 1-in-1,400,604 chance in defeating Thanos. They need to get the gauntlet to save the universe.
  • …and… well, long odds indeed, but I don’t want to spoil any endings.

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