Holy Relics and Marvel Comics

For those of you who are fans of the Marvel Comic movies – most notably the final two movies of the Avengers series (Infinity Wars and Endgame) –  you certainly know all about Thanos and the Gauntlet . If you are not a fan, no worries, here is synopsis:

  • Thanos – universal bad guy. Thinks the universe is overcrowded, half the populations of the universe has to be gone, so he collects all the Infinity Stones, mounts them in a “glove” called the gauntlet, snaps his fingers (literally) and half of the universe’s population vanishes.
  • Avengers – the good guys who only have a 1-in-1,400,604 chance in defeating Thanos. They need to get the gauntlet to save the universe.
  • …and… well, long odds indeed, but I don’t want to spoil any endings.

Marvel Comic fans are cringing at such a synopsis. But nonetheless, the center piece of the movies is the gauntlet

That’s Thanos of the left and his gauntlet on the right…. but what is that in the middle? It is a reliquary containing the incorrupt hand of the 16th-century Spanish mystic St. Teresa of Avila (queue the Twilight Zone music in the background). Whoa! While Marvel has not claimed a connection between the two, it seems likely that someone in Marvel’s design department saw the relic and filed that information away for later use.

Just too good not to post!

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