Trust and Signs

In today’s gospel, the Pharisees ask Jesus for a sign from heaven. They are testing him because they have no faith nor trust in him. Interestingly, faith-belief-trust, etymologically it is the same word in Greek. So rather than think about “faith” which sometimes befuddles people, let’s consider “trust” and our own experience of trust. Why do we trust some, not others?

Think about your own experience of trust in your spouse, best friend, business partner and others.

  • Do trust they will be there for you?
  • Are you open to their ideas, their suggestions, their dreams?
  • Haven’t you turned part of your life over to them?
  • And in varying degrees given up control.
  • Don’t you trust them?  Don’t you have faith in them?

Now consider your relationship with God

  • Do you trust He will be there for you?
  • Are you open to what God will reveal, do, and invite.
  • Faith is turning over part/all of your life to God.
  • Faith is being OK that we are never in fully in control.

And God is more than spouse, best friend, or business partner. Still you can get to know Him. Perhaps you need to “date” for a while before making the life-long commitment of “marriage.”

Like with our spouse, best friend or business partner, Faith is being OK with not always and every day needing a sign.

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