What else could happen?

2020 – what a year! When the year began all kinds of people made all kinds of prediction. It is almost like a cottage industry. One of my favorite was that there would be a meteor the size of Mt. Everest that would strike the earth on April 29th. I am pretty sure that did not happen. And besides we were ready. We already had a game plan, in fact… we made a movie out of it starring Bruce Willis. It has a wiki page! Spoiler alert:  we live, Bruce dies. Who could have predicted that?

Who could have seen the murder hornets coming? And in case you were wondering “murder hornets” is a moniker placed upon Vespa mandarinia – who, by the way, has its own wiki page.

Joking aside, I don’t think anyone had a global pandemic on their radar. And yes, it too has a wiki page.

Here is another wiki page for you: Cicada. It is 2020, millions of 17-year cicadas will emerge from the ground this year. This was predictable. Luckily, cicadas are harmless to us. At most, the noise they make can be a nuisance.

What else could happen?

1 thought on “What else could happen?

  1. O golly! now I feel like searching deep into my rarely watched anymore sci fi video section for Armagedon or either version of The Thing!

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