Being too connected

I was listening to a podcast “No Stupid Questions” brought to the net, in part, by the people who wrote “Freakonomics” and “Super Freakonomics” (Stephen Dubnar and Steven Levitt). It is part of the Freakonomics Radio podcast group. I was catching up on a episode: “Why Is It So Hard to Be Alone with Our Thoughts.”  The podcast does not drown in facts and figures but it provides enough links to consider the topic more deeply – e.g there was a reference to a study by Time Wilson on the topic of reverie. You can read a reported version of the study at Atlantic Magazine: People Prefer Electric Shocks to Being Alone With Their Thoughts. Interesting in what it says about being too connected and what happens when the mobile connection is not available.

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Clare of Assisi – audaciously following Christ

August 11th is the Feast of St. Clare of Assisi – in many ways considered a “second founder” of the Franciscan orders of men and women because of the influence her life, example, and spirituality have upon the religious orders of men and women that carry the name “Franciscan.” In honor of these celebrations, let us look at The Legend of St. Clare (1255) in which we read of Clare’s decision to follow Francis’ way of life.

“The Solemnity of the Day of Palms was at hand when the young girl went with a fervent heart to the man of God, asking [him] about her conversion and how it should be carried out.  The father Francis told her that on the day of the feast, she should go, dressed and adorned, together with the crowd of people, to [receive] a palm, and, on the following night, leaving the camp she should turn her worldly joy into mourning the Lord’s passion. Continue reading