Bible Basics

One of the amazing online Christian ministries is The Bible Project. What is the Bible Project?  They are an animation studio whose purpose is to… well let’s listen to their explanation!

They are launching a new series: Bible Basics. The Bible Project has always made biblical concepts accessible through short and concise explainer videos. These are videos pack big ideas into just a few minutes, but in this on-the-go, busy world they wanted to make the Bible even more approachable to people from all backgrounds.

And that is the genesis of Bible Basics, short, one-minute videos perfect for those who are new to biblical study or for anyone looking for a refresher on key biblical concepts. They cover things like biblical translations and the person of Jesus in a highly condensed and beautiful video. It’s their hope that with this new series, more people than ever will be able to experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.

Click here to watch them on their YouTube channel. You can also view them on BibleProject’s TikTok account here.

The Bible Project is a non-for-profit organization that depends on our support. If you would like to support their efforts with a donation, you can reach them here.

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