Tech, profits and the future

Shira Ovide of the New York Times writes a daily newsletter, “On Tech.” It is mostly always interesting and in a non-geek kind of way. Yesterday’s newsletter was interesting because it followed up on something I heard the other days on the radio news – that Apple was considering investing in the electric car market. The final shape/vision of the investment was to be determined, but either way, it was surprising. Seems like a bit of a stretch at first glance. There is the old story of the railroad companies that did not understand their business was transportation, not just railroads and so missed out on automobiles/trucking, airplanes, and the like. Who knows what Apple is thinking? They view their business in ways that have been innovative and profitable. Very profitable.

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Taking care of each other

It used to be that on my day off I could go to Ft. Desoto (Fla) with my beach chair and umbrella, watch the wind surfers, read a book …. Between dozing off to the sounds of the wind and surf. Thursday is still my one day off each week. Today in the Tampa Bay region temperatures will reach the high 70s. Today in Northern Virginia is it raining with a high of 36 degrees.

People have noted that I post a lot more these days. I refer you to the above paragraph. I have a lot more time and space to muse about things without the siren’s call of the beach… and so I post thoughts complete (or not) here on the blog.

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