Ancient Law in Scripture

Many folks I know have committed to read the entire Bible – an ambitious plan, but one I highly commend and recommend. For some, their plan was to begin at the beginning with Genesis and read straight through to Revelation. That would never be my recommendation. The Bible is not a novel that moves seamlessly from book to book. Rather it is a collection of books. The Genesis-to-Revelation plan has been written about in posts about beginning and sometimes how tough that approach can be – especially when hits the book of Leviticus.

Leviticus is described as “The book mainly treats cultic matters (i.e., sacrifices and offerings, purity and holiness, the priesthood, the operation of the sanctuary, and feast days) but is also interested in various behavioral, ethical, and economic issues (e.g., sexual practices, idolatrous worship, treatment of others, the sale of land, slavery). The goal of the laws is not merely legislative.” Not exactly a page turner. It is a tough read.

But Leviticus is not the only place in the first five books of the Old Testament that contains verses about the Law. Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy also have lots of verses that address matters of the Law. It brings up the question of how we 21st century people are suppose to understand the ancient Law to help form our pattern of living. The good folks at The Bible Project offer a nice video: Understanding the Ancient Law.

As always, I encourage you to support the not-for-profit work of The Bible Project.

Artwork credit: The Bible Project

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