From a friend in Tampa

For those of you who think we have it so easy in Florida, I want to tell you something: It was only 62 degrees the other morning. And drizzling. I had to get a jacket. I had to decide between my Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup champions jacket, my Tampa Bay Rays American League champions jacket or my Tampa Bay Bucs Super Bowl champions jacket. By the time I made my decision, it had warmed up to 74 degrees, and I didn’t need the jacket anymore. Stressful morning! Now it’s 87 degrees, and I’m headed to the beach.

6 thoughts on “From a friend in Tampa

  1. I know about the weather: I tend to run cold all the time. I give you permission to laugh with me wearing a sweater all the time even here in Florida, but our weather has been wonderful! I have been working from home since March 2020, and where I sit at my “makeshift” desk, I look out a window instead of a blank wall. Nice! Right now, I see beautiful blue skies! Waving hi, Father George.

  2. That’s sounds a bit like our reality in Tampa, FL…No jacket wearing this winter to speak of is our reality. We are very spoiled and the weather has been picture perfect!!

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