Musings from Away

While musing, as I am wont to do, it came to me that 25 years ago this month, I arrived in Kenya to serve as a Franciscan lay missionary. Back in those days there were no blogs to post musings. Where we lived it was a good day to have electricity and that was usually limited to the season when the rains had come and hydro power was available. When you live in the slums and it is time to ration electrical power or water, we often were the first to experience the cuts. Back in 1996 the Web was starting to gain some momentum, but it was still just a few years old.

In 1996, Google didn’t exist yet. There were only 100,000 websites, compared to more than ~2 billion operating today. The web browser of choice was Netscape Navigator – everything else – and there wasn’t much – was a distant second. It was a world of dial-up Internet connections where high speed meant something in the range of 28.8 to 33.6 Kbps – yes, kilobits (Internet download speeds today are about 10,000 times faster). But we didn’t have electricity or a phone over which to dial up…and no blog to post musings. But, that did not mean musings were not captured with pen and paper. When I returned back home, now and again I would transcribe musings to a digital format. From time to time, I would run across a directory and peruse through the content, and remember. One by one they tell a story of time distant in many ways and as though as close as yesterday . A story that over the years, many friends have encouraged me to write into a memoir.

One day there might just be a cabin between the swamp and the Amite River that would be a good place to conjure up a memoir. Until then, there is friarmusings. So, from time to time, a post might appear looking back a quarter century. Maybe a memoir can write itself one post at a time.

3 thoughts on “Musings from Away

  1. UGH!!!! You are so good, FrG. This series is going to make me cry, laugh, pray, ponder, and will certainly make me love my “Pastor-before-he-was-a-Pastor” more than the day before. Because as you have taught me…wherever you are, be there. I can’t wait to go to Kenya with you. Let’s Geaux!!!

  2. One thousand musings and more will inform a memoir. But your memoir stands alone — as a fascinating story of God guiding you through the distinct building blocks that make up your life — until you end up doing what you’ve been called to do.
    And, then ——- I can hardly wait for the screenplay………………

  3. Sometimes it really is nice to have musings about the past. They show how far we’ve come (?) but help us remember what those gains have lost in other ways.

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