Thank-You-VeteransIn case you were wondering, yes, this is my day off – hence the proliferation of posts. This one was inspired because this morning morning at a store, I saw that they offer a 10% discount to veterans. As it happens, I am one, and my Virginia driver’s license displays “VETERAN” in the upper right hand corner. I inquired, ready to show my license, but the discount was simply applied without question. Maybe that makes sense. I hope people would not lie about service to their country for a small discount. Continue reading

The Book of Job

JobAs you might imagine, during my time as a Catholic priest, many folks have come to talk with me while they are in the midst of suffering. Suffering from a cataclysmic life event, a prolong encounter with illness, betrayal, a life that is heading in the wrong direction, the weight of dealing with a situation or with people – and many more topics. I rarely have solutions and even if I had a suggestion, that’s not why people come to talk. There is a very human need to say things out loud in a place they are sure that someone will listen. As best I can, I try to listen. I pray with them. I suggest they begin to take a look and see where they might find God in milieu of life that swirls around them. And sometimes I will inquire if they have read the Book if Job.

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Living Waters

Spirit-n-CommandmentsIn our Pentecost Sunday gospel, as noted in yesterday’s post, to the disciples gathered in the Upper Room on that first Easter evening Jesus first words were: “Peace be with you.” His second words were: “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”  His thirds words were “Receive the Holy Spirit.” What had been promised in many ways in John 13-17, is now fulfilled in the giving of the Spirit. It also marks a turning point in salvation history as a fulfillment of the prophets, not just that the Messiah would come, but that the Messiah would begin the eschaton, the final era when the Kingdom of God would become manifest – and the future become present.

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