A reminder

Quantico-National-CemeteryThis week someone thanked me for my service because Memorial Day was coming up.  I appreciated the thought but mentally noted so many people are a little unclear about the different holidays. Here is a handy reminder that I saw recently posted:

  • Armed Forces Day is for those in uniform.
  • Veteran’s Day is for those who once wore the uniform.
  • Memorial Day is for those who died in uniform.

To all we owe a debt of gratitude, especially those we honor on Memorial Day.

Francis and the Word of God

Francis_ClareSmallSeveral weeks ago we described Francis’ love of the Eucharist.  For Francis the Eucharist is the primary way in which he sees Christ’s continuing Incarnation in the world.  It is the sign of the presence of Christ with the Church in his continuing salvific role.  That presence was respected by Francis and was shown by the directions he gave to his own brothers regarding Eucharistic reverence, and that he even directed his missionary brothers to carry pyxes, so if they encountered the Eucharist not properly cared for, they would be able to provide a suitable means to reserve the consecrated hosts.

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