Let us remember well

Quantico-National-CemeteryToday our nation celebrates Memorial Day. Lots of people confuse it or conflate it with Veteran’s Day. It is the latter which honors all the men and women who have served our nation in the military. It is the former that remembers and honors all those who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. It is a difference of which I receive weekly reminders as I am honored to serve veteran families during the internment of their loved ones at Quantico National Cemetery. Continue reading

A reminder

Quantico-National-CemeteryThis week someone thanked me for my service because Memorial Day was coming up.  I appreciated the thought but mentally noted so many people are a little unclear about the different holidays. Here is a handy reminder that I saw recently posted:

  • Armed Forces Day is for those in uniform.
  • Veteran’s Day is for those who once wore the uniform.
  • Memorial Day is for those who died in uniform.

To all we owe a debt of gratitude, especially those we honor on Memorial Day.