Thank-You-VeteransIn case you were wondering, yes, this is my day off – hence the proliferation of posts. This one was inspired because this morning morning at a store, I saw that they offer a 10% discount to veterans. As it happens, I am one, and my Virginia driver’s license displays “VETERAN” in the upper right hand corner. I inquired, ready to show my license, but the discount was simply applied without question. Maybe that makes sense. I hope people would not lie about service to their country for a small discount. There are lots of active duty folks here in the Northern Virginia area. The parish is right next door to Marine Corp Base Quantico, but I don’t look the part of an active duty Marine (age and haircut). I wondered if I had inquired how many people ask for the discount, the young clerk would have a sense of an answer. Maybe there are not that many people my age who ask.

Veterans in CongressAnd as I mused along wondering about such things, I resolved to query how many Americans are veterans. You can find the answer to this and more in the Pew Foundation’s article: The changing face of America’s veteran population. When I read the article, I realized that I have referenced the article before – especially when I got to the question about Congressional members who have served. It is not and should not be a requirement for office, but I always wonder if the % were a lot higher we might be less prone to send other people’s children to war.

Vet StatsAnd in case you are wondering about the demographics of veterans….

2 thoughts on “Veterans

  1. Father George, thank you and all who have served to protect our freedoms! I hope you have a pleasant day and weekend! Thank you for your blog . . .

  2. The first time Sal asked for a military discount at Lowes, he had to show his Military ID. Thereafter, it was only necessary to supply his phone number and his discount eligibility
    showed up. Unfortunately, Home Depot didn’t offer the discount. Here in Utah, both Lowes and Home Depot are offering us the discount. Every little bit helps.

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