A world of things

Calvin-techWhile I like technology, I don’t think I am too much of a gadget person. I am rarely-to-never an early adopter and will acquire gadgets when I think they serve a functional purpose I might value. The one exception was Amazon Echo. They promoted it at about 25% of the first generation Echo and I thought why not, buying the device before it was generally available.. The year was 2014. Really nothing too different since then – until last year.

I like to read at the very end of the day while in bed. Sometimes I read on a Kindle (late adoption) but I still like “real” books. With Kindle I could turn out the light and crawl under the covers, read for a while, and simply close the Kindle, and that was that. With a real book, I had to hop out of bed, turn off the light, and then back under the cover. Not too taxing, but when I had already nodded off to sleep… then it became, “I need to rethink this.” There were obvious solutions such as a small reading lamp that could attach to the bed, but just about that time, Amazon introduced smart plugs. Why not? Now the already-asleep me only had to regain enough consciousness to mutter, “Alexa, turn off bedroom.”

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The Power of Touch

Mark-5-two-miraclesA woman “afflicted with hemorrhages for twelve years…She had heard about Jesus and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak. She said, ‘If I but touch his clothes, I shall be cured.’”

This has been a busy week pastorally speaking – more so as we are more open in this (hopefully) post-pandemic period. It has been one of those weeks when tragedy, misfortune, fate, calamity, heart break, and adversity all seem to set up camp in the parish.  Almost all the stories are profoundly personal, and however illustrative and grace filled, are not for retelling in a homily. Continue reading