The Hamburger

Summer is upon us and with the pandemic receding in the rear view mirror (we pray!), it is time to turn our attention to backyard/rooftop/where-ever grilling. There are many topics for which refresher courses might be needed, but I would draw you attention to the post-grilling assembly of the hamburger. Is there a Best Order to Stack Hamburger Toppings? Think not? But perhaps you have experienced soggy buns, sub-optimal flavor melding, and, the just-ruined-my-shirt event: escaped toppings. Have a read and just maybe take a first step to improving the already great hot-off-the-grill hamburger experience.

Kingdom and Mystery

Kingdom_of_GodThe year was 1957. The “space-age” began when the Russians launched the Sputnik satellite into earth orbit. The same year General Motors produced the classic “57 Chevy” – more properly known as the Bel-Aire. It could be yours for $2,400. The price of a new home averages between $12,000 and $20,000.  You could rent a home for around $100/month. A week’s worth of groceries was under $20. Gasoline was about $0.24/gallon. A pack of cigarettes cost… well, that doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t be buying cigarettes anway. A top-named TV star was Roy Rogers (the cowboy, not the restaurant). Gunsmoke and Perry Mason were top-rated TV shows. Rock Hudson, John Wayne, Kim Novak, Marilyn Monroe, James Stewart – to name a few –  were the top stars in Hollywood. And here was the menu at McDonald’s: hamburgers: $0.15 ($0.19 for a cheeseburger) with french fries and drinks, $0.10 each. The year was 1957 and St. Francis of Assisi parish was founded in Triangle, VA.

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