The Hamburger

Summer is upon us and with the pandemic receding in the rear view mirror (we pray!), it is time to turn our attention to backyard/rooftop/where-ever grilling. There are many topics for which refresher courses might be needed, but I would draw you attention to the post-grilling assembly of the hamburger. Is there a Best Order to Stack Hamburger Toppings? Think not? But perhaps you have experienced soggy buns, sub-optimal flavor melding, and, the just-ruined-my-shirt event: escaped toppings. Have a read and just maybe take a first step to improving the already great hot-off-the-grill hamburger experience.

3 thoughts on “The Hamburger

  1. Timely! Just bought a new grill after being without since pre-pandemic. Needed the Holy Spirit for patience and charity in how I treated people around me while following the 67 steps to build it 😂

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