Homage to the Coast Guard

There is a natural rivalry between the sea-going branches of the service – Navy and Coast Guard. The boasting of the “deep blue sailors” over the “puddle pirates” who patrol lakes. It is mostly good-natured. But as a submariner who was always able to avoid the storms at sea by going under them to the safety of the deep, there is no way I would want to be on one of the Great Lakes in a storm. There are some 1,500 shipwrecks in Lake Michigan alone. Those waters can be powerful and strike the fear-of-God into any sailor. A friend of mine served in the Coast Guard and his tales of South Florida drug interdiction are the stuff of action-hero movies.

So, as a homage to the brave men and women of the Coast Guard – BZ and for everyone, enjoy this clip from the movie, The Guardian. The commanding officer’s speech is over the top, but on target! Enjoy

1 thought on “Homage to the Coast Guard

  1. Bravo; It takes a lot of skill and courage to go out on a rescue in a storm on the Great Lakes. Many lives have been saved. My great grandfather was a light house keeper on Pelee Lighthouse and later Pelee Passage light on Lake Erie.

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