Stacked in your favor

In today’s first reading, St. Paul is in the midst of his monumental work, The Letter to the Romans. Whole commentaries – really thick ones – are better suited to explain the whole logic and trajectory of Paul’s thought, but here is an attempt to give you some context. Up through Chapter 6 Paul is making the case that all the human problems caused by Adam/Eve and the human family are addressed and answered in Jesus – his life, atoning death, and Resurrection. In Romans 7, Paul asks, “then what was the point of the Law/commandments?” Continue reading

It’s personal

This coming Sunday is the 31st Sunday in Year B. Our gospel is taken from the Gospel of Mark in which Jesus is asked which of the commandments is the first and greatest. When Jesus answers the scribe, He uses the second person singular form of the verbs: “You shall love..” Jesus is telling this individual what he should do. In this way it is not a dissimilar encounter with the earlier episode of the rich young man who asks what he must do to inherit the Kingdom (Mark 10:17-22). Although the man goes away sad, he clearly understood that this was an answer to what he, personally, must do. Continue reading