An Day in the Life….

Perhaps you have read about the “traffic armageddon” in Northern Virginia during this first week of January 2022. It was a perfect storm of events: (a) rain preventing salting the roads, (b) suddenly turning to snow, coupled to the (c) extremely hilly area around Quantico (Occaquon to Rappahannock Rivers) and (d) a super-heavily traveled truck route – and the back up was 65 miles with people stranded 15-24 hours.

The standstill first started around noon Monday when many tractor-trailers crashed on southbound I-95 during inclement weather. No injuries were reported in connection to that initial crash. Some 14 inches of snow fell in the area.

I was safe at home, able to walk to the church to celebrate Mass for the brave who ventured out.

Intrepid Padre heading to work
The storms eventually pass…

2 thoughts on “An Day in the Life….

  1. The backup ran al the way to Newington by about 9 this morning so that outward beauty was there inspire of the dangers created

  2. Living in Rochester NY 3 times growing up has made me appreciate even the dog days in Florida. But when we lived in Fairfax County, I bought a 4WD pickup so that I could cut through the woods to go to work in Rockville when the inevitable crash happened on the one lane bridge near our home in Oakton. I often marveled at the guys in trucks that would go out thinking 4WDs would be fine in ice lol.
    But you folks REALLY got hammered. I am happy that no one was hurt, but I’ll bet there were a lot of hungry and thirsty people on that road. Rochester taught me to always have snacks and bottled water in the trunk. My friends always made fun of me for it!

    BE safe! (And warm!)

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