Taking a break….sort of

I am taking some time away from the parish and hoping to enjoy Springtime weather. That is the definitive “taking a break” part. The “sort of” part is that through planning and magic of scheduled publishing, it will seem as though I am hard at work posting. I have queued up a bunch of posts between now and my return. One of the Sunday homily posts may or may not happen, but I will give it a try. Be well. Pray for me as I will keep y’all in prayer. God bless.

Breaking News

Catholic News Service reported today that while God is ever present in all creation, for the last two years He had not been present in Heaven. When God showed up at the pearly gate, the ever anxious St. Peter inquired as to God’s whereabouts for the last two years. God replied: “I was in Ireland.” St Peter asked why Ireland? God replied, “You do know there was a pandemic for the last two years, right? Like lots of people, I was working at home.”

Lots of questions

Maybe we should call this “Second Chance Sunday.” The first reading is the well-known story of Moses and the burning bush. But one needs to remember the reason Moses is out tending sheep in the desert of Midian is that he murdered a man back in Egypt and is on-the-run from the authorities. Yet God will give him a second chance and a major role in rescuing the Israelites from slavery. That’s a heck of a second chance. He takes advantage of it. Moses is leading a flock of sheep now, but will soon be leading the people of God in their Exodus to the promised land. Continue reading