Fixing Things

Recently I was teaching grade school children at our parish school. The topic was regarding the 40 Hour Devotion that was coming up in the parish. The children would be participating and so I was asked to let them know a little bit about the history and spirituality of the devotion. In one of the grades I had been given a lot more time than the other grades. As a result there was time for questions and answers about anything. Continue reading

Judgment comes

This coming Sunday is the 3rd Sunday in Lent, Year C. The warnings and admonitions regarding the coming judgment that began with 12:1 reach their conclusion with a sobering call for repentance. Just as the debtor on the way to court in 12:57-59 is warned to make every effort at reconciliation, so also Jesus uses the sayings about calamity in 13:1–5 and the parable of the unproductive fig tree in 13:6–9 to make the same point: Repent now, for the time is short. Continue reading