An experiment

Here is an experiment in turning a previous post into a video.

The Cords of Life

So… what do you think? I used a free website

8 thoughts on “An experiment

  1. I would suggest that you change the music if you want to attrack younger folks. It also is wavy in my computer. Otherwise, nice touch.

  2. Very nice! I prefer the old school read through of your post (content awesome, by the way!), but I also prefer to take in content through written rather than video as a whole. I can definitely see the appeal with this video for an audience who prefers that mode. 🙂

  3. Hi Father, I am 78 years old and prefer your written musing in their present format. I can read at my own pace — repeating phrases or sentences to better understand. I don’t need pictures, my mind is quite capable of visualizing a swimmer. However, I have young grandkids and also understand their reliance on what I only see as distracting. So, I encourage you to continue the experiment to reach out to a younger audience that neglects reading and adores videos. I simply request that you also continue the present written format. If you switch, I’m afraid you would loose this faithful follower. I would miss your thoughts which, quite frankly, really help me. Keep well and safe. May God continue to bless you in your ministry.

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