My body….

Back in January when those opposed to vaccines/mandated vaccines began to shout “my body, my choice” as a moral logic for the freedom to refuse vaccinations, I could not help but note the irony of the moment as they co-opted the long held cry of those in favor of a woman’s right to an abortion. By-in-large I thought if fair to speculate that those who shared the same “battle cry” did not share a political view/party/perspective. My pastor asked me to write a piece on for the parish bulletin, which I did. But….One of my Franciscan brothers, Fr. Casey Cole, OFM has just posted a brilliant video. Brilliant in terms of moral grounding, presentation, production and foresight. I strongly encourage you to watch the video. One viewer left this comment: “A complicated concept that we don’t fully agree on but as usual it’s a pleasure hearing you talk on it and you’ve given me cause to think on it more deeply, even if my mind hasn’t changed. Please keep it up.”  That is a moment of grace: “you’ve given me cause to think.”  Such is evangelization in this modern age.

3 thoughts on “My body….

  1. Wow! I have never read or heard these core, human issues so well articulated in such simple understandable terms. Wonderful video.

  2. Wonderful video! Why aren’t we taught this line of thinking and logic at Mass? I know too many good people who are for the death penalty, choice, and yes, assisted suicide. As an aside, I’m not sure that antivax or provax were completely Republican vs. Democrat. In Florida, I know so many Democrats that were almost zealots against the vax. I simply asked the hospital administrators for data which confirmed my choice to get vaxxes and boosted. Partially because I’m selfish and want to live, but also after you spoke about our duty to protect others. Thanks, as always, for something to think deeply about Father. We are blessed by your articles!

    • When I visit a friend in Florida, his parish has these two huge monitors in the sanctuary (and it works with the architecture of the church) One of the former pastors there recorded his homily with video clips to animate his point. If I had such a arrangement, I wouldn’t preach. I would just show Fr. Casey’s video, say “Amen” and sit down.

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